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Lorelei Clarke,, France

Poems on the Buses Exhibition

I thought I had made my peace when we said goodbye
But now I miss you on the bus - the full moon floods the window in cream
It hangs heavy like the weight of missing pieces in my stomach
Maybe next time it’ll rain upside down in sheets of you missing me too
And I didn’t think I liked it but I did like feeling your heartbeat fighting back mine
Sometimes missing someone is missing an opportunity
But I also miss pretending I was above your goofiness (secret smiles are hidden backstage)
And I pretended I hated every minute of it to protect unwanted truths
And now when I drum my fingers in the bus I can’t not think of you and your movement
But I knew from the start I didn’t want you and you didn’t want me
We live in carefully cut worlds
And my thin threads of wistfulness aren’t enough to stitch them together
So I just miss a taste of an undiscovered place