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Sally Pond, Alderney

2nd prize: Channel Islands’ Poetry
Poems on the Move & Poems on the Buses Exhibitions

I waited, one foot in Port Soif, yearning for Cobo Bay
I’m going for a swim, and I don’t mind a chat along the way
Shuffle up the bus, don’t make a fuss, I need to sit a while
Warro, mon ami, good to see you friend, Oh caw damme là, we do travel in style
Cum t’chiqui l’affaire va, I ask how you are, I’ll sit and listen long
Around us are nature loving visitors, chitter chattering in their native tongue
Bienvenu, welcome to you, cosily wrapped people from France or Holland or Spain
We’re steaming up and smelling of wet dog, but it’s good to get out of the rain
He unfolds the map and is on his feet, it might be their stop, he can’t tell
Trànchille, mon ami, your stop’s after Grandes Rocques, you won’t miss it, I’ll ring the bell
At my stop I’m hit by the sun and the bracing wind off the sea, so twinkly and deep
I love to tour around the island and the Puffin Pass makes it so cheap
There’s a colony of us bus riding Puffins and anyone can join
Tan tchi, thank you to the driver and, à la perchôine