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Owen Rees, Manchester UK

Poems on the Buses Exhibition

Start at the start with late kids running over and the crowd cheering
The place cold frost and your breath giving out steam,
The manager, the brains behind the product making important decisions!
The coaches giving advice and motivating,
The referee making occasional wrong decisions
The team talk cold, weary, only coaches speak,
The first player is the fly half, the point machine, the kicker, one of the leaders
The scrum half, scared of tackles distributing, the smallest
The full back, agile, fast, calling marks, the stamina of a horse
The wingers, wiry, stealing tries, faster than the wind,
The physio, with his magic spray saying, “carry on, you can run it off,”
The bench, the magic finishers, ready to go, for the win,
The crowd with one tall guy obstructing everybody's view,
End at the end, where you have won, happiness around.