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Guy Russell, Milton Keynes

Poems on the Buses Exhibition

What luck, my love, that you’re so marvellous
And so am I! This star-stunned planet’s never
Beheld two souls as marvellous as us
Divided. We’re the perfect pair, together:

Your lovely Clapham home. My cosy hovel.
Your great career. My hopes, soon, for success.
Your deathless prose. My not-quite-started novel.
Your sorted calm. My issues to address.

Your brains, my thanks. Your beauty, my frank awe.
Your sexy looks, my love of chips and diets.
Your help with my depressions. When we soar
Like twin-shaped rockets in the wowing sky, it’s

A minor miracle, how both of us
Have both found someone else so marvellous.