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Pauline Boateng, London

Poems on the Buses Exhibition

My dear, please don't tell me that you feel entrapped,
Are you prisoner to your mind? Have you lost authority over what you control?
I understand.

But my darling, did you know,
With a closed fist nothing that comes in can come out.
With a closed lid pressure will build, tides will rise high.
You will drown. My child you will drown.
For your lungs will fill with deep despair, depressive desperation and fear of your known.

Yes my lovely, you are a brain in a skeleton with a soul of purity.
Your mind is a chosen conscious. You chose once, choose again. Choose happiness

So, my love, if you find yourself bottled up once more then open your lid from the top.
And if that lid of yours is jammed tight,
Remember that glass was once sweet sand between your toes,
So smash it open.